Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 77 - Tue, Sept 4th

Kylie and Quinn's
Griffin, Kylie, Quinn and I all went to KNOTTS BERRY FARM for our last day of summer
It was a Great Day!
At the end of the day, Griffin saw this Snoopy and wanted his picture taken with it

Kylie, talking to a couple of cowboys

Kylie and Griffin riding in the family tradition of Huff n Puff

This is at the beginning of the day

Griffin loved this airplane ride

This is at the start of a wild roller coaster fide that Quinn and Kylie went on. It is called Sidewinder.

This is at the end of the looks like they faired just fine

This ride was like a "crack the whip" car ride. Kylie and Griffin LOVED it.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Day 76 - Mon, Sept 3

Zak, Chase, Steven and Christopher's
Kylie and Quinn both have one more day left....they will use it'll see.

Zak spent the day working out the details for our family FOOTBALL Fantasy.

I am not sure what Quinn did.

Kylie had remnants of a headache, and she worked for Dad, folding and labeling a mailing.

Dad got stung by a BEE! He didn't even scream, but he did say it hurt. I had to pull out the stinger. He got stung on his back!

I read, went swimming and shopped at Walmart.

Griffin did what I did.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Day 75 - Sun, Sept 2nd

I just heard a weird crinkling noise. Everyone is in bed - Dad is reading to Q & Z - what could the noise be. I hunt it out and find Coco has put his nose in a small potato chip bag and it is stuck. I should have hunted my camera down and got a picture, but I just yanked it off his head instead.

Church - 103 degrees - home - ate sandwiches - too hot to BBQ - cooked corn on the cob - made potato salad - watched a bad mormon movie - "Anxiously Engaged" - Kylie has had a headache most of the day - hmm - Zak says he needs a new backpack and plenty of cheap folders for school - that's it.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Day 74 - Sat Sept 1

Oh where is the summer going?? Our days are numbered!

Kylie spent the night last night over at Lydia's...she stayed there all day today.

Quinn had a soccer game early this morning. He played forward and mid-field.

Zak played a football scrimage in 108 degree heat at 5:00pm.

Griffin found some treasures in Chase's room.

Dad went over to the Christensen's to watch the BYU game.

I had a stake baptism.

Remember, fast sunday tomorrow!!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 73 - Fri, Aug 31st

Steven packed and left today....
Here is the tale in pictures
Steven's packed car Steven sweetly puts on the bike carrier to bring Chase's bike for up to him.
Zak enjoys seeing his name in print...he leaves his mark on Steven's car.
Steven pulls out!
The few remaining children wave.

Griffin is waving in his heart.

Day 72 - Thurs, Aug 30th

Steven is packing in earnest, preparing to leaving for BYU tomorrow.

I am doing errands in earnest.

It is 104 degrees.

Mom, Griffin and Kylie went swimming from 7 - 8pm. It was lovely.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Day 71 - Wed, Aug 29th

Appropriately, yet sadly,
Christopher, Steven and Chase
all packed up their worldly goods to
and go to BYU.
Christopher and Chase both will drive on Thurs
Steven will drive away on Friday.
I may stay in bed for a week.