Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day 77 - Tue, Sept 4th

Kylie and Quinn's
Griffin, Kylie, Quinn and I all went to KNOTTS BERRY FARM for our last day of summer
It was a Great Day!
At the end of the day, Griffin saw this Snoopy and wanted his picture taken with it

Kylie, talking to a couple of cowboys

Kylie and Griffin riding in the family tradition of Huff n Puff

This is at the beginning of the day

Griffin loved this airplane ride

This is at the start of a wild roller coaster fide that Quinn and Kylie went on. It is called Sidewinder.

This is at the end of the looks like they faired just fine

This ride was like a "crack the whip" car ride. Kylie and Griffin LOVED it.


Nana said...

When my three children were tiny I used to take them to KBF at least twice a week. We lived just around the corner. And that is where I bought all my beautiful different colored "wild rose" goblets. Your pics brought back great memories.

Anonymous said...
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